Showcase and launch wine in an effective way during Coronacrisis

The coronavirus causes problems for businesses all over the world. Due to developments and measures taken, the wine industry has challenges to face as well. Big wine fairs and events, such as ProWein, Vinitaly and Bordeaux En Primeur have been cancelled and Vinexpo and other future fairs are under pressure. Also, visiting prospects and clients wont be an option for a while. TUBES knows it is essential for producers to still be able to showcase, advertise and launch their (new) products. We present a by the glass sampling concept that is the way to do just that, in a time where fairs and face-to-face meetings are ruled out. TUBES bottles and distributes wine in single-serve 100 ml glass or rPET (100% recycled) tubes, which are perfect to ship as a light and cheap parcel. Using TUBES as a sampling tool for their wine, will save producers time and money and enable them to still get their products noticed during this crisis.

TUBES Wines & Spirits by the glass is a Dutch company that is specialized in bottling wine in glass or rPET tubes. They help wineries save money, reduce waste and spillage and increase revenue by transforming their sample bottles into the perfect sample size: 100 ml tubes. TUBES has its own IFS, HACCP and SKAL certified production facility in Hilversum (the Netherlands), where they bottle wine using a patented technology that preservers the quality of the products by using an inert environment. An oxygen-free bottling process guarantees retention of the complete taste bouquet of wine for 9 to 24 months.

What can TUBES – Wines & Spirits by the glass do for wineries?
Wine producers can send their wine to the TUBES production facility, where it will be bottled in tubes. Of course, the tubes will be printed with the wineries own branding or any other requested personalized design. The tubes will be packaged in a luxury box with the option to include different marketing materials, such as a personalized sleeve, a letter or a flyer. The tubes can then be directly shipped from Hilversum to the wineries contacts. TUBES has recently perfected the technique to bottle wine in tubes directly from the bottle, instead of out of bulk. This process is slightly more complicated and takes more time, but it gives more wineries the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of tubes. Since the coronavirus already had a huge impact on the wine industry, TUBES would like to offer the service of bottling wine from the bottle without additional costs during these difficult times.

Using tubes to sample wine is an effective and original way for wine producers to reduce waste (7 tubes equal 1 bottle of wine, which means 6 more clients can receive a sample), reduce transport weight and shipping costs, reduce their carbon footprint, increase brand loyalty and awareness and eventually increase sales. So, even though the world seems to be on lockdown right now, TUBES is on a mission to contribute to keeping the wine business active. While we can’t actually travel far at the moment, we can still discover the world of wine, one glass at a time. If wine producers are interested in bottling their wine in tubes, they are welcome to contact TUBES for more information via or +31 (0) 35 303 4994 or visit our website