As the proud producer of your own wines or spirits, you want to give customers a chance to taste and try your products. The best way to do this is to send them a couple of bottles with a selection of your best wines or spirits, right? Well, maybe not exactly… What is a better way to introduce customers to your wines? Sending them samples in tubes, which contain servings by the glass.

Cost efficient and environmentally friendly

As a modern-day wine or spirits maker you want to deliver the highest quality and produce in a conscious manner. It’s not very efficient to send a box with 0,75 L bottles when all your customers need is a tasting glass to decide on the wines or spirits they actually want to buy from you. When you put the wine in tubes 100 ml you can serve up to 7 customers with one bottle instead of just one. For spirits a 50 ml tube might be more suitable resulting in serving 14 potential customers with one bottle. This way you save bottles of wine/spirits you sent out to sample, so you have more bottles left to sell. You save on shipping costs and with the space and the weight you save, it’s also better for the environment than shipping a big, heavy box. Plus, it reduces waste. Speaking about being environmentally friendly: our tubes are made of glass or recycled plastic, both materials you can recycle again after using.

Taste quality guarantee

You’re probably wondering, what happens to the quality of my wine when it’s put in a tube? Fortunately, quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our years of experience have resulted in finetuning the whole bottling process, making sure the quality of your wine or spirit does not change. We’re aware of the fact that wine is a fairly delicate product. It reacts with oxygen, which affects the taste and structure of the wine. But well, we don’t have to tell you that.

In our lab your wine gets analyzed when it comes in, and again when it has been bottled into a tube. The bottling process takes place in an optimal environment, where oxygen doesn’t get the chance to react with the wine. That way we can guarantee the wine in the tubes tastes exactly the same as the wine in the bottles. Even the wine in the plastic tubes, you might ask? Yes, even the wine in the plastic tubes.

Your brand on the Tubes

Quality wine and spirits come in attractive bottles with your label or brand on it, recognizable for customers. But what if we put your wine in a tube? Then we create a label for that, too, with the design of your choice. That way the tubes look just as appealing as your bottles. This is important, given the fact that packaging is one of your marketing tools. You can choose if you want to use tubes of glass or recycled plastic.

Custom-made tasting kit

Do you offer an extensive range of different wines or spirits, which makes it hard to choose for your customers? It is great to have a wide wine assortment, but customers often buy the same, familiar brand every time. And if they do try another brand, it’s mostly from a lower price range, to play it safe. But you would like your customers to try wines in different price ranges, too.

In that case it might be a good idea to make them a pre-selection to enjoy by the glass. You can choose the wines or spirits that you think are best fitting, based on preferences. With this selection of wines or spirits we compile a custom-made tasting kit in an elegant box, with the wines or spirits neatly arranged. This makes for a completely different customer experience, where they can try before they buy without having the risk of buying an expensive wine they don’t even like.

Ideal gift material

Wine tubes in a nice box make for a great gift. That is why we decided to create special gift boxes with three or five different Tubes. We have boxes with our selection of wines, but you can also choose to make your own selection. Tasty Grapes gift boxes are an original addition to your (online) store. They are the perfect gift for everyone, but can also be used as tasting kits for wine-enthusiasts. This provides for a great wine-tasing at home. On the inside of the box you find a QR-code that you can scan if you want some useful and interesting information about the wines that are in there. These are no difficult texts only the real connoisseurs understand but they are easy to read and providing you with information you would actually like to know.

Perfect for the travel industry

Serving wine and spirits in the travel industry can be bit of a challenge. Admittedly, there are small 0,187 L wine bottles. However, the bottle shape takes up unnecessary space and weighs more compared to a tube. So, it looks like tubes come in handy in this industry, too. A great addition to your beverage range can be tubes with ready-to-serve cocktails. Let your guests enjoy this new experience of having a quality cocktail during their trip.  

Long story short, there are a lot of advantages when it comes to wine in tubes and different industries can benefit from this concept. Are you curious about the possibilities for your company? Please contact us so we can offer the solution that you need.