Business to Business - Custom-made

Our single serve solution brings benefits to companies in numerous industries. Depending on your main business activities and goals, we offer a collection of services and packages to support and boost your enterprise. With our B2B proposition, we will bottle our tubes with a beverage selected and/or supplied by you. This service can be extended with elements to fit your needs and goals, such as packaging and custom branding. We are experienced in bottling tubes and creating custom tasting kits for:

  • Wineries and distilleries
  • Supermarkets
  • Online wine and spirit retailers
  • Airlines and other travel companies
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Business to consumer - Ready-made

Introduce your customers to the ultimate wine gift. Appealing ready-made tasting boxes with 3 or 5 tubes of wine. Tubes are cool and innovative and speak to a large target audience. While our products are popular all year round, sales increase around holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s- or Father’s Day and Christmas. We are very committed to creating extra sales opportunities around high traffic moments. We are always open to ideas and love to partner up to make the most out of every celebratory moment. We deliver ready-made wine gift boxes to:

  • Department stores
  • Other retail establishments
  • Gift webshops
  • Other online retailers
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Seasonal / end of year

The traditional wine Christmas gift got an upgrade! We present our festive wine advent calendars: 12 Nights of Wine and 24 Wine. Two limited wine tasting boxes with 12 and 24 tubes. Both are available as a ready-made edition with wines selected by us. We also offer the possibility to create a custom edition with wines selected and/or supplied by you. Our wine advent calendars are perfect for:

  • Department stores and other retail establishments
  • Webshops and other online retailers
  • Supermarkets
  • Online wine and spirit retailers
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