Single serve

We produce tubes for various beverages. And since we offer a 'by the glass' solution, our tubes come in several sizes. After all, the volume of a glass wine is different than a glass of whiskey. This is why we produce 50 ml tubes for spirits and 100 ml tubes for wine.


One bottle of wine equals seven tubes. They are small, slim and light and help you save space and weight! Just by using tubes, you can reduce your shipping costs and decrease your carbon footprint.


Your beverage in our tubes? No problem! We can bottle various beverages. To complete your custom-made tubes, the silk print can be designed for or by you, with branding of your choice. Finally, you choose the packaging that matches your goal.


Our tubes are made from glass or recycled plastic, both 100% recyclable. Which material you select, depends on the purpose and on your preference of course. For example, our plastic tubes are unbreakable and can be shipped by mail (they fit through a mail box). Our glass tubes are more luxurious and can be used as a unique gift or high-end tasting tool.


Once bottled, the products inside our tubes have a long shelf-life. The preservation of organoleptic qualities is guaranteed. Our recycled plastic tubes can be preserved 6 months and our glass tubes have a shelf-life of 24 months.


All of our tubes are bottled according to strict standards and specifications. Using a 100% inert atmosphere ensures the quality of the product is maintained.