8 July 2021

Virtual wine tastings are here to stay. And what better way to support your wine tasting than presenting a single serve format? TUBES has years of experience bottling wine by the glass in 100 ml tubes. But recently, they got to bottle eight extraordinary and delicate Bordeaux wines for the world’s most trusted authority in wine. No pressure…

The Great 2000 vs 2005 Vintage of Bordeaux tasting

In July 2021, Robert Parker Wine Advocate organized an exclusive, virtual wine tasting for wine lovers from Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and China. The wines that starred in the tasting were the extraordinary 2000 and 2005 vintages of the magnificent Château Angélus, Château Pavie, Château Smith Haut Lafitte and Château Léoville Las Cases. The tasting was conducted by Ms. Lisa Perrotti-Brown, Master of Wine, Wine Advocate’s Editor-in-Chief, who is an expert in reviewing the wines of Bordeaux. 

TUBES had the honor and privilege to bottle the wines for the tasting, so the Wine Advocate could present them to their audience in single serve portions. The team of wine experts at TUBES made sure the organoleptic qualities and flavor bouquet of the delicate Bordeaux vintages were preserved. Something that Ms. Perrotti-Brown confirmed at the start of the tasting. TUBES proved to be the perfect way to support a successful, international wine tasting, and the Dutch company is very proud to be recognized by a wine authority such as Robert Parker Wine Advocate. 

About Robert Parker Wine Advocate

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