This summer, Lucas Bols announced the launch of their innovative Ready to Enjoy Cocktails. Bols signature cocktails, expertly mixed and bottled in innovative 200 ml Tubes and 375 ml and 700 ml bottles. Exclusively for Lucas Bols, TUBES – Wines & Spirits by the Glass had the honour to develop and bottle the 200 ml Bols Cocktail Tubes. The Dutch company specializes in bottling wines and spirits in 50 ml and 100 ml Tubes, by using a patented and intricate bottling process. Their cooperation with Bols is another milestone for TUBES, showing that next to wines and spirits, they have the knowledge and technique to bottle cocktails in single serve tubes.

Ever since TUBES was founded, the company has worked with some of the world’s leading wines and spirits brands. They have become an expert in bottling single serve wines and spirits, and are one of a few companies worldwide that master this bottling process. TUBES has bottled cocktails before, but bottling the newest 200 ml Lucas Bols’ cocktails, gave the company the great opportunity to expand their skills and techniques.  

Edwin Blom, CEO TUBES – “We are very proud to work together with Lucas Bols – the world’s oldest distilled spirits brands! We were excited to create the completely new 200 ml tube for them and to accommodate Lucas Bols in revolutionizing the at home cocktail experience. Lucas Bols challenged us to tap into new innovative abilities in terms of packaging and bottling method. We are pleased with the result and trust the Bols Cocktail Tubes will make a very successful debut in the fall

Lucas Bols, a leading global cocktail and spirits player, is known for its many qualitative brands in the liqueur and genever segment. Following the worldwide trend of more high-end drinks consumption at home, Lucas Bols created Bols Ready to Enjoy Cocktails. Five popular cocktails, skilfully mixed to enjoy the magic of drinking cocktails in your home environment:

● Bols Margarita Azul: Tangy & Refreshing 14,9% alc/vol

● Bols Espresso Martini: Rich & Smooth 14,9% alc/vol

● Bols Red Light Negroni: Bittersweet & Complex 21,9% alc/vol

● Bols Very Old Fashioned: Aromatic & Intense 30% alc/vol

● Bols Pornstar Martini: Exotic & Fresh 14,9% alc/vol

The Bols Ready to Enjoy Cocktails come in bottles, as well as innovative 200 ml Tubes, creating an easy way to enjoy one by the glass. The Bols Cocktail Tubes are sustainable, have a premium look and feel, and are designed to preserve exceptional taste and quality and will be launched in the US and the Netherlands in the fall of 2021. They will be available in retail, hotels, and restaurants and in the online shop for home delivery across the US and the Netherlands.  

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