The Dutch company TUBES – Wines & Spirits by the Glass has developed a special “by the glass” concept for bottling wine. The wine is bottled in so-called 100 ml ‘tubes’ by using a patented an unique process. An interesting and surprising way for wineries and producers to bring their wines to the attention of customers and prospects. TUBES has already worked for various players in the wine industry. Today, they are proud to announce that they can add best winery in the world to their clientele. Recently, TUBES bottled the wine from the Argentinian winery Catena Zapata, which was named “Most Admired Wine Brand 2020” by Drinks International in June.

Every year, Drinks International magazine publishes a list of the best wineries in the world. Earning a spot on this list is not easy. “There are thousands of wineries vying for attention on a global basis, but just 50 elite brands have made the cut. To win a place on this prestigious list is a tremendous achievement, as there are a number of fantastic producers that missed out.”, said Drinks International editor Martin Green. This year, the Argentinian winery Catena Zapata was named number 1 on the list, and TUBES can now proudly say that the best winery in the world is one of their clients. 

Bottling wine is a very delicate and precise process, which TUBES has perfected over the years. In their certified production facility in Hilversum, wines are bottled in the 100 ml tubes with the greatest care, by using a patented technology. TUBES is one of a few companies in the world that can (re)bottle wine this way and still guarantee quality. The fact that Catena Zapata trusts their wine to the Dutch company and recognizes the quality and added value of the wine by the glass concept makes Managing Director Glen Ritzen very proud. “It is not easy to innovate in the traditional wine world. We are happy and proud to receive the trust and recognition of such a major player in the wine world!

Using tubes to sample wine is an effective and original way for wine producers to reduce waste (7 tubes equal 1 bottle of wine, meaning 6 more customers can receive a sample), reduce transport weight and shipping costs and reduce the ecological footprint. Especially in times of COVID, this is a welcome way for producers to keep in touch with their customers. More information about TUBES can be found on