On April 1st, the Onboard Hospitality Awards 2019 took place in Hamburg. In the presence of many suppliers and buyers of onboard catering and hospitality services, the winners were announced. Finalists in ten categories had the chance to win a coveted trophy. TUBES, in collaboration with Foodcase International, was named the winner in the “Best Onboard Beverage” category, with their wine and cocktails in tubes! In addition, TUBES was also praised in the extra “Ones to Watch” category for their future onboard “Boxed Winetasting Experience” concept.

The finalists for the Onboard Hospitality Awards were chosen by 1500 Onboard Hospitality Magazine readers and were announced last February. A jury of twenty experts from all over the world then assessed the finalists on the following criteria: innovation, first impression, quality, sustainability, lifespan, weight, usability, design, functionality, taste, content, contribution to the customer experience.

TUBES and Foodcase International have managed to convince the jury with their product in the “Best Onboard Beverage” category. Wine and cocktails in an innovative 100 ml RPET tube (100% recycled) as a “single serve” format. The unique and premium design of the tubes provides many benefits for the travel industry, such as space-, weight- and cost savings and sustainability. In addition, the tubes are unbreakable, IFS certified, have a long shelf life and can be fully personalized in terms of content and design.

“An innovative product in an innovative format. Premixed cocktails help reduce handling for crew and the concept can be easily personalised for different airlines and could suit both retail or complimentary service.“, the jury said about TUBES.

In addition to wine and cocktails in tubes, TUBES is also working on a new onboard concept. Two “wine-tasting experience” boxes with that hero wine in tubes. A wine tasting box with three different wines in 100 ml RPET tubes, with information about the wines, the wineries and tasting notes, and a wine-food box with a 100 ml RPET wine tube in combination with crackers and premium cheese from Beemster. These new concepts are recognized as “Ones to Watch” in the extra category.

Glen Ritzen, Managing Director of TUBES, is very pleased with the recognition that TUBES received at the Onboard Hospitality Awards. “The fact that industry experts have rewarded our products with an award makes me very proud! It is kind of unique that a relatively small Dutch company like ours, in an industry of huge brands and volumes, is awarded such a big international prize. We feel very appreciated. We have worked very hard to develop a unique, premium and sustainable product that offers many benefits for the travel industry, but that also makes a positive and memorable contribution to the customer experience. Obviously, we are convinced of our product, but the appreciation we have received this evening gives us an extra boost. We are eager to further conquer the travel industry!”