Note: the WTCE 2020 was prosponed due to coronavirus

TUBES introduces single serve Port and pre-mixed Lucas Bols cocktails

Last year, TUBES was named ‘Best Onboard Beverage’ at the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo. Their cocktails and wines in 100 ml RPET are quickly becoming more and more popular in the travel and retail industry. Constantly on a quest for innovation and the best products from all over the world, TUBES has added two brand new items to their collection. At the WTCE 2020, they will launch Port in TUBES and Bols Cocktails in TUBES! Everyone interested in these (and other) products are welcome to come meet the TUBES team at stand 1G89 at the WTCE 2020 from the 31st of March till the 2nd of April. 

The space- (127% more tubes in drawer versus traditional), weight- (40% less weight versus traditional), time- and cost-saving benefits of the tubes, make them extremely suitable for the travel industry. Something that was acknowledged by branche experts. At the WTCE 2019, TUBES was rewarded with an Onboard Hospitality Award in the category ‘Best Onboard Beverage’. The jury said: “An innovative product in an innovative format. Premixed cocktails help reduce handling for crew and the concept can be easily personalized for different airlines and could suit both retail or complimentary service”. This year, TUBES’ new products have both been nominated in the category ‘Ones to Watch’. 

Port in TUBES
TUBES is very proud to present a completely new experience in onboard food service. A single serve 50 ml Port wine. Because Port is a fortified wine and contains more alcohol than regular wine, it’s the perfect beverage for a ‘by the glass’ concept! In fact, 50 ml is the official serving size for Port. The tube contains educational and inspiring information about the content. This product is suitable for Business Class, Buy on Board or to serve as a special ‘in between’ aperitif. It gives passengers the chance to taste, appreciate and enjoy Port wine, in an unpretentious and fun way.

Bols Cocktails in TUBES
TUBES teams up with Lucas Bols. For over 440 years (since 1575), Bols has been mastering the art of mixing, distilling and blending. The expertise and craftsmanship has made them what they are today: world’s oldest distilled spirit brand and a globally well-known master of cocktails. Our combined strengths resulted in a premium range of single serve, ready to drink, perfectly mixed cocktails and mocktails in the ideal volume of 100 ml. With Cocktails in TUBES, passengers can enjoy pre-mixed classics such as the Negroni, Bramble, Singapore Sling, Old Fashioned and Bloody Mary or discover a non-alcoholic Virgin Clover Club. Visit for more information about their products.

Our story

TUBES takes pride in bottling the tastiest high quality products from all around the world. However, just as important as their contents, are the tubes itself, which are offered in various sizes and materials. Our tubes come in 100 ml and 50 ml, and are made from RPET (100% recycled) or 100% recyclable glass. TUBES has its own IFS, HACCP and BIO SKAL certified production facility in Hilversum (the Netherlands), where they bottle every tube using a very specific, patented technology that preserves the quality of the products by using an inert environment. An oxygen free bottling process guarantees retention of the complete taste bouquet of the product. Visit for more information.