Great wines have great stories behind them. That is what the makers of this wine must have known. Most winemakers share the story of the family behind the winery, how it all started, when it was founded and how it developed over the years. With 19 Crimes this is not the case. They have an entirely different approach and chose a somewhat dark, but intriguing story about convicts who turned into colonists.

The story

In case you have never heard the story before, here is a history lesson in a nutshell. In the late 1800s, prisons in Great Britain were overcrowded. So, they had to find another solution to punish people who committed one of the 19 crimes: Punishment by Transportation. Convicts were banished to Australia, which was a hell of a boat trip. It is safe to say a lot of them didn’t even make it there. The men and women who did survive where able to build a whole new life in the land Down Under, like true pioneers. The 19 Crimes wines are an ode to these resilient folks and the new culture they started.

What makes this brand special

The 19 Crimes wine brand is built around this story, the crimes and the people who were banished overseas. The labels on the wine bottles show pictures of the eight most important pioneers (seven men, one woman). Even the corks play a role in telling the story. On each cork you find the name of one of the 19 crimes. You never know what crime you are going to get, because the corks are randomly distributed over the bottles.

What makes 19 Crimes wine extra special, is the use of augmented reality. This makes their wine labels come to life through the Living Wine Labels app. You point your phone on the label, and the convict on the bottle starts telling their unique story. To give the brand a modern twist, 19 Crimes partnered up with no one less than Snoop Dog. He is the embodiment of the brand’s qualities like ‘defiant by nature, bold in character, and always uncompromising’, among others.

The wines

A large part of the 19 Crimes wine assortment consists of red wines, made from the Zinfandel grape, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Shiraz. The red wines are dark, like the story behind the brand, and full of taste. They contain flavors like toasted oak, vanilla, dark cherries, cinnamon spice and chocolate. In addition, there are two white wines and a 19 Crimes Snoop Cali Rosé. Indeed, with Snoop Dog on the label. Who will proudly tell you more about the wine when you point your phone at him.

19 crimes in tubes

We are happy to tell you that Tubes partnered up with 19 Crimes, too. The 19 Crimes concept and our Tubes concept combine perfectly. We bottle the various wines of their assortment into tubes and label them with the special ‘talking labels’ so the end user will get the full 19 Crimes experience. The experience kit contains five different wines with their signature augmented reality wine labels on the sleeve. QR-codes have been added to easily access the Living Wine Labels app and the 19 Crimes website. 

In our portfolio you can find more examples of our success stories and other wine brands we work with. If you are interested in bottling your wine into tubes, please contact us so we can find a fitting solution for your wine brand.