How do you bottle products in tubes?

We have our own upscale higher level IFS and organic certified production facility in Hilversum, the Netherlands. We use a patented technology that preserves the qualities of the products by using an inert environment. The use of inert gas allows the wines to maintain their complete bouquet, flavor profile and mouthfeel throughout the fractionation process. We are one of a few companies worldwide who are able to (re)bottle wines and spirits like this.

How can I deliver my products to you?

You can deliver your wine or spirit to us in bottles or in bulk.

What is the minimum order quantity for sampling my product?

The MOQ is 1000 tubes per wine or spirit / SKU in Europe and 2000 tubes per wine or spirit in the USA.

What is the shelf life of my products in your tubes?

We can indicated a shelf life between 6 to 9 months in plastic tubes and 24 months in glass tubes after bottling. We always print the expiration date on the tube.

What does it cost to bottle my wine/spirit in tubes?

The price of our tubes depends on many factors, such as quantity, market and customization. Therefore, you won’t find a price list on our website. Contact us for more information by filling out the contact form.

Do you bottle sparkling wines?

No, due to the specific technology that is used to bottle wine in tubes, it is not possible to bottle sparkling wines.

Can I request a general sample?

Of course! You can request a sample by filling out the contact form. We will send you an invoice and once we have received payment, we will ship the sample to you.  

Why do you charge for a sample?

In the past, we shipped a lot of samples free of charge and at times we didn’t hear back. To make sure that you are seriously interested in our products, we ask for a sample fee. We will subtract the amount you’ve paid for your sample on your first order.

Where is the facility where you'll bottle my product located?

We have our own certified production facility in Hilversum, the Netherlands, where we bottle all tubes.

Is your production facility certified?

Yes, we have a higher level IFS certificate and we're certified to work with organic products. Also, we are FDA approved.

Can you give me some examples of companies you've bottled for?

Of course! On the portfolio page of our website you can find an overview of some of the partners / brands we’ve bottled for.

How can I benefit from working with you in times of Covid?

We offer a unique sampling solution for the wine industry to showcase and launch wine in an effective way during pandemic. The coronavirus causes problems for businesses all over the world. Due to developments and measures taken, the wine industry has challenges to face as well. Big wine fairs and events, such as ProWein, Vinexpo and Bordeaux En Primeur have been cancelled and future fairs are postponed or under pressure. Also, visiting prospects and clients won’t be an option for a while. We know it is essential for you to still be able to showcase, advertise and launch your (new) products. We present a ‘by the glass sampling concept’ that is the way to do just that, in a time where fairs and face-to-face meetings are ruled out.

Where do I deliver my wine / spirits?

Drop offs can be made at our loading dock on Franciscusweg 28C, 1216 SK Hilversum, the Netherlands.

How does your bottling process work?

In short, this is how we work: Step 1: Before we can agree on a partnership, we perform a thorough test in our lab to see if your wine is suitable for bottling in tubes. If the result is positive, we can get started. Step 2: Your wine can be delivered to our production facility in bottles or in bulk. Once we have received the wine, we will perform oenological tests and a technical analysis to determine our starting point. This way we can compare the wine once bottled in tubes, to the wine that was delivered to us and make sure we have maintained the quality of your product. Step 3: In our certified production facility, the wine is transferred to our bottling machine. Step 4: In the meantime, the tubes have been printed with a design of your choice. Step 5: Now we are ready for bottling. Quality is most important to us and to ensure a high level of quality, we work according to certain standards and specifications. Our facility has a Higher Level IFS Certification and we are certified to bottle organic goods. Your wine is bottled in our tubes with the greatest of care. During this process our production team performs regular quality checks. Step 6: Once finished, a few samples go to our lab for a final test. Step 7: Your tubes will then be packed according to your preference and now they are ready for pick up!

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