What is your delivery time?

Since our delivery time is influenced by a number of factors (such as product availability, order quantity, whether or not you want the product to be customized, your shipping destination) we don’t have standard delivery times. Contact us for more information by filling out the contact form.

How many tubes fit on an EURO pallet?

6000 rPET tubes or 3000 glass tubes.

How many gift boxes go on an EURO pallet?

375 gift boxes with 5 glass tubes or 400 gift boxes with 3 glass tubes.

How many advent calendars go on an block pallet?

192 x 12 Nights of Wine advent calendars or 100 x  24 Wine advent calendars.

Will a PET tube fit through a mail box?

Yes, our PET tubes will fit through a mail box. They can also be send out in a cardboard gift box that will also fit through a mail box.

Where can I collect my order?

Franciscusweg 14, 1216 SK Hilversum, the Netherlands. Large orders that will be collected on pallets will be ready for you on our loading dock, around back. The address for our loading dock is Franciscusweg 28c.

Can you ship packages directly to my clients?

Normally, we work ex works outside of the Netherlands, which means we'll ask you to take care of shipment yourself. However, we will review each order separately and we are always open to go over other possibilities together.

What do you charge for shipment?

Shipping costs for the Netherlands are € 6,95 and for Belgium and Luxemburg we charge € 15,-. Shipping costs for other countries depend on many factors and therefore will be calculated per order.

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Maybe we've answered your question on the 'general' questions page. Can't find it there? Contact us by filling out the contact form and we would be happy to answer any questions you still have.